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About the Manhattan Reproductive Surgery Center

Manhattan Reproductive Surgery Center (MRSC) is the first stand-alone ambulatory surgical center in the state of New York solely focused on reproductive surgery. This fully licensed, Article 28 Ambulatory Surgical Center allows our highly-skilled surgeons to operate at the leading-edge of reproductive medicine while providing patients with an elevated and individualized experience. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for safe and professional, minimally-invasive surgery.

Dr. George Kofinas

Founded by Dr. George Kofinas

Our center was founded by Dr. George Kofinas, a pioneer in the field of reproductive surgery and medicine. With a double board certification in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, Dr. Kofinas founded one of the first IVF centers in New York City over 30 years ago. He continues to run one of the top fertility programs in the United States and is renowned by his medical colleagues and patients from around the globe. His leadership and constant desire to improve the outcomes of his patients places him at the forefront of reproductive surgery, in vitro fertilization, and fertility preservation. This unrelenting drive forward led to the creation of the only reproductively focused surgical center in New York and he envisions MRSC as a center for scholarly research, collaboration amongst top surgical and reproductive medicine minds, as well as a launching point for innovation in the field.

Designed with Your Comfort and Safety in Mind

Your comfort and safety matters to us. We’ve built our luxurious facility around streamlining your surgical experience to make you feel more relaxed as you go through your procedure. With our culture of patient safety, we properly select patients for candidacy of outpatient services. Patients admitted to our center are healthy and will not be exposed to patients with critical illnesses or infections as would be the case in a hospital setting. We’re conveniently located in Lower Manhattan to be available to patients from all NYC and New Jersey boroughs.

MRSC was built 100% green

All the materials used at MRSC have been selected based on their level of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other chemicals emitted from their surfaces. Each of these materials emit a minimal amount of those chemicals at a much lower level than government standards. All the instruments used in surgery are made of high quality metal alloys (steel or titanium) thus reducing the environmental impact and pollution associated with the disposition of disposable plastic instruments. This along with state of the art equipment including integrated operating rooms, patient safety systems and some of the most advanced laparoscopic equipment on the market makes MRSC an international surgical destination for gynecologic and infertility procedures.

The MRSC Difference

At Manhattan Reproductive Surgery Center, we are able to fill a niche that large hospitals don’t. Not only does this ambulatory surgery center give you an exceptional and private experience, but there are many benefits to having your surgical procedure performed at an outpatient center.

Private outpatient facilities such as MRSC are leading the way into a more personalized and efficient way of performing and getting surgery. Regulated by the same standards as a large hospital, ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are able to raise that standard even further to higher levels of efficiency and outcome, both for patients and doctors.

Better process. Better equipment. Better care. They all lead to you having a better result with reduced cost, even out-of-network.

MRSC was built with one purpose in mind: to enhance every aspect of a patient’s surgical experience and optimize reproductive health. In addition to the convenience of offering patients the full range of advanced fertility treatment capabilities under one roof – including lab testing, examinations, and surgery – this centralized approach to fertility care significantly improves patient outcomes.

Take Your Reproductive Health into Your Own Hands