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Dr. George Kofinas

George D. Kofinas, MD, FACOG

Founder & Medical Director

Why did you choose to go into this profession?

“I was lucky in my curiosity to be guided to this field. When I was finishing medical school in the 1970s, there was no such thing as fertility medicine. It began to form as a sub-specialty within obstetrics and gynecology after the first successful in vitro fertilization (IVF) birth in 1978; around the time I came to the US. And I jumped right in. The emerging science and the surgery were so exciting to me. With that, you could say that I’ve lived the entire history of fertility medicine – I was there at its conception, I’ve evolved with the field every step of the way, and I’ve also had the opportunity to conduct significant research over the decades which has helped us secure better outcomes for patients. It’s the most beautiful field in medicine.”

What do you hope to be able to give or do for patients at MRSC?

“MRSC was built with one important purpose in mind: to enhance every aspect of a patient’s surgical experience and optimize her reproductive health. And so, in addition to the convenience of offering patients the full range of advanced fertility treatment capabilities under one roof – including lab testing, examinations, and surgery – we strongly believe that this centralized approach to fertility care will significantly improve patient outcomes beyond what we are already delivering, including shorter post-surgical recovery periods and extremely low infection rates due to the facility’s advanced sterilization techniques. It will also be the first standalone reproductive ambulatory surgery center in New York State dedicated to the treatment of patients who suffer from a wide scope of gynecological conditions, including fibroids, endometriosis, pelvic pain, congenital abnormalities of the uterus, and infertility.”

Dr. Jason Kofinas, MD, MSC, FACOG at MRSC in New York, NY

Jason Kofinas, MD, MSc, FACOG

Associate Medical Director

Why did you choose to go into this profession?

“I decided to specialize in fertility medicine because I love helping create human life for people who can’t. Every day, I feel like I’m making a difference in someone’s life in a very positive and personal way, and through this process, I also get to know my patients very well because we spend so much time together. For me, while the medicine is important, it’s not just about tests and procedures. The emotional side to fertility treatment is tremendously important, and taking the time to know and support my patients establishes a connection that goes beyond any specific treatment. Also, growing up with my father in this field and with my mother who worked in neonatology was a wonderful introduction, though neither of them ever pressured me to go into medicine or into the fertility field, more specifically.”

What do you hope to be able to give or do for patients at MRSC?

“Everything in this facility has been designed around improving patient outcomes and optimizing our ability to serve our patients. This facility has been five years in the planning and building and has been informed by decades of experience. We calculated the space we need and designed it to support the way we work as a team. For example, we designed the operating rooms and the laboratory so that they don’t get in the way of each other, but so that we can also work together through pass-through windows. This feature, which doesn’t exist at hospitals, is absolutely essential because it will minimize the time that an embryo is outside of the incubator down to around thirty seconds. On top of that, everyone in the facility – from the surgeons to anesthesiologist to nurses to administrative staff – is dedicated to fertility medicine. We all work together every day and operate as a cohesive team.”

Habib Nasrullah, Director of Anesthesia Services at MRSC in New York, NY

Habib Nasrullah, MD

Director of Anesthesia Services

Why did you choose to go into this profession?

“Anesthesiology is the best way to help patients when they feel most vulnerable during surgery. Anesthesiology also demands the widest knowledge of clinical science among all medical specialties. This is a mysterious field of science that requires utmost compassion for patients, extremely high level of cognitive skill and courage. It is at the same time incredibly cerebral and extremely physical. Taking a patient through the most apprehensive part of the surgical process safely is the biggest motivation for me.”

What do you hope to be able to give or do for patients at MRSC?

“Safety of the patient is my only concern. I do my best to go through all relevant information about the patient and will come up with the best possible plan for intended surgeries. I consult with the surgical and medical team as required as I am a team member. Surgery is a team event and every team member is equally important. Respect and a helping hand for all the members of the surgical team helps me gain all the encouragement from my team members during demanding situations.

I want all patients that come to our surgery center to have a safe and pleasant experience and not to worry about the surgical process during their heavenly endeavor of having babies.

I treat my patients exactly the way I would treat my parents if they were my patients. Keeping that in mind I try to explain my patients exactly what is involved during the surgery in most honest manners. This helps me gain the confidence of my patients knowing that they are under the care of someone who really knows the process.”

Sarah Musallam, Nurse Manager at MRSC in New York, NY

Sarah Musallam, RN

Nurse Manager

Why did you choose to go into this profession?

“I chose this profession because nursing is a multifaceted profession where I can embrace my empathetic nature and challenge myself on a daily basis. I love being able to encounter different people and situations constantly. I’ve never met two patients with the same story. There is always room to grow, both professionally and personally. I believe my time as a nurse has helped me become the woman I am today, and at an early onset, I have achieved professional goals I had never imagined accomplishing.”

What do you hope to be able to give or do for patients at MRSC?

“I hope to help make a difference in the life of every person who walks through the doors of MRSC. I hope to be a source of positivity in each of my patients’ lives while they are experiencing such a trying and trivial time. I hope to be a part of such a huge impact, when creating and changing the face of ambulatory surgery centers. My goal is to make every single patient’s experience a special one, and one that can and will not be amounted to elsewhere.

Every patient may need a different approach. All patients deserve to have their needs tended to in a respectful way and in a manner that supports their overall well-being. I feel that patients have the right to be provided an understanding of every step of their visit as it allows them to be comfortable knowing that they are taken care of. Showing a genuine interest in each person, I always extend my courtesies to the caretakers and loved ones since their experience with our team means just as much and can be just as difficult as the patient’s. I believe every person we serve is truly a member of the MRSC family.

Being a Nurse Manager, it is essential that I take on and operate various roles and responsibilities. Being able to maintain an organization when it comes to managing all of the staff’s responsibilities allows for a superior workflow in the practice. I am grateful for this opportunity to have a positive impact on each of our patients’ lives. The team at MRSC work as one unit to ensure that each person who comes in feels welcomed, cared for, supported, and respected.”

Gabriel Figueroa, Administrator at MRSC in New York, NY

Gabriel Figueroa


Mr. Gabriel Figueroa brings over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry to the operational environment of MRSC. As Administrator, Gabe draws upon his expertise, skills, and strategic outlook to undertake an essential role in Manhattan Reproductive Surgery Center’s day to day provision of service to it’s patients and physicians. Gabe oversees revenue cycle management, payor relations and negotiations, clinical operations management, organizational infrastructure optimization and many other ASC developmental, administrative, and operational areas. Gabe has gained exposure and experience in all aspects of ASC creation and operation, and has cultivated the beneficial relationships necessary to create a tailored, superior and extraordinary experience while you visit MRSC.

Gabe’s approach and drive come from his experience and years of military service in the United States Army, which include multiple combat tours in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. Knowing the essential importance of efficiency, innovation and leadership, Gabe focuses on creating clear and understandable objectives and plans while always exploring new innovative processes and systems to further maximize results and minimize costs. Gabe has earned the CASC Credential, has organized and presented at healthcare and ASC conferences and meetings, is a member of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, and an advocate for veteran rights and issues in his community.


Melissa Montes, Gynecologic Surgeon at MRSC in New York, NY

Melissa Montes, MD, FACOG

OB/GYN Fertility Specialist & Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgeon

Why did you choose to go into this profession?

“I feel a deep connection to the women and men who come to our practice. Their struggle is my struggle, and the bond we share drives my passion for my work. Being approachable and friendly helps create strong relationships with my patients, and because fertility care is such an emotionally charged field, a warm and caring demeanor makes a significant impact on each person’s experience. It builds trust, and solid trust is the most important aspect of my relationships with my patients.”

What do you hope to be able to give or do for patients at MRSC?

“Being a mother gives me empathy for your struggle. Raising my children has been more amazing than I’d ever imagined, and I work extremely hard to give that experience to everyone I treat.

In addition to relishing the human connections involved with fertility care, I’m also fascinated by the endocrinology and physiology of reproductive medicine. The science of fertility care is rapidly progressing, and I’m always learning about new treatments and techniques that can help my patients. Even more, I feel it’s my job as a physician to explain every step of your fertility therapy in an accessible, straightforward manner. Managing expectations is a big part of my responsibility, and educating you plays an important role in meeting that standard.”

Levica Narine, OB/GYN at MRSC in New York, NY

Levica Narine, MD, FACOG

OB/GYN Fertility Specialist & Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgeon

Why did you choose to go into this profession?

“There really is no greater satisfaction than helping someone start a family who thought it was impossible. And that satisfaction is the greatest motivator you could ask for. Fertility care is all about building relationships, and while I did a lot of research in college, I chose to become a doctor because I enjoy interacting with my patients.”

What do you hope to be able to give or do for patients at MRSC?

“In particular, I am able to relate to and communicate with women very well. I come from a family of strong women, and I understand that listening and discussing the feelings that you’re experiencing — whether you’re angry or sad or hopeless — is the key to overcoming your struggle and understanding that everything will be okay."

Chantae Sullivan Pyke, MD, MTR, FACOG at MRSC in New York, NY

Chantae Sullivan-Pyke, MD, MTR, FACOG

Reproductive Endocrinologist

Why did you choose to go into this profession?

"I chose to become a fertility doctor because I enjoy caring and helping patients bring home a baby. There are many unique challenges that patients face when planning a family and I want to help patients navigate the process and achieve their reproductive goals. I am also interested in translational research that enables us to systematically ask questions raised in the clinic and to bring the answers we find back to the clinic to advance the care we can provide our patients. I am excited to be a part of this fast-growing field that puts patient care first and that has continued to advance dramatically in the past 30+ years because of ongoing research."

What do you hope to be able to give or do for patients at MRSC?

"I have a patient-centered style. Every patient and their set of circumstances is unique and everyone deserves individualized care. I make every effort to listen keenly to my patients, to answer all questions, and to take the time to explain the reasons for the recommended treatment plan.

I hope to give my patients the gift of a baby through a partnership that makes them feel valued and cared for along the way."

Cynthia Xenakis, Attending Anesthesiologist at MRSC in New York, NY

Cynthia Xenakis, MD

Attending Anesthesiologist

Why did you choose to go into this profession?

“I decided to become an anesthesiologist during my graduate studies at Harvard in neurobiology that pertained to how anesthetic agents interact with the brain.

Life is precious and having a child is one of the greatest gifts. I wanted to dedicate my career to joining Dr. Kofinas’ team in giving that gift to his patients.”

What do you hope to be able to give or do for patients?

“I hope to provide each patient an experience of calm confidence in the expertise of my abilities and the best possible individualized care.

I am always aware of the extensive trust that my patients and their families have for me. My role in the perioperative period is deeply personal. I have strong interpersonal skills that help me to develop a relationship with each of my patients. I am able to communicate easily in a clear, supportive manner. I want to make them feel comfortable and understood during what can be a very vulnerable and stressful time of surgery.”

Amanda Munley, Physician Assistant at MRSC in New York, NY

Amanda Munley, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Why did you choose to go into this profession?

“Being a Physician Assistant allows me to provide individualized, specialized attention and care to my patients, while working directly with the doctors. During rotations as a graduate student, I found a passion during my surgical and OB/GYN rotations and knew that I wanted to spend my career caring for women and families.

Helping patients to take the steps towards starting a family is one of the most fulfilling parts of my job. MRSC has allowed me to combine my passions of surgery and women’s health, while helping patients fulfill their family goals. I am fortunate to work with highly talented and personable doctors who help to enrich my continuous learning.”

What do you hope to be able to give or do for patients?

“In being a part of the surgical team, I want patients to know that I am an ally and am invested in their care and outcomes. I understand the emotional nature of this process and want to help ease anxieties in any way I can.

Helping patients to feel comfortable, supported, and confident in their care is of the utmost importance to me. I picture every patient as a personal loved one and focus on providing the care they deserve. I want patients to know that I am here for them and to trust in the care they are receiving.

As the Physician Assistant, I pride myself on creating a compassionate, approachable, and trusting environment. Providing quality care with an outgoing and personable attitude allows me to genuinely bond with my patients.”

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