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What Is Pelvic Pain?

Pelvic pain can be an indicator of many different issues, either with your reproductive system or other organs. We always recommend scheduling an appointment with your doctor when you’re experiencing pelvic pain, as there are many different causes, some in which can be very serious. Whether it’s menstrual pain and signs of ovulation or uterine fibroids, the experts at the Manhattan Reproductive Surgery Center can help diagnose your symptoms and find a solution. Keep reading to learn more about possible pelvic pain causes.

Pelvic pain treatment at MRSC in New York, NY

Possible Causes of Pelvic Pain

Menstrual Pain and Cramping

The most common cause of pelvic pain is menstrual pain and cramping. These are also the most common issues regarding menstrual disorders. Over half of women who menstruate will experience at least some pain one to two days each cycle. In this case, we recommend using a warm heat pad and over-the-counter medication to relieve pain.

Pelvic Adhesions

Women may also experience pelvic pain due to pelvic adhesions, which are scar tissue that occurs inside the body. It wrongfully connects two tissues, causing pain and discomfort. Infection, endometriosis, and other issues can cause adhesions. Minimally-invasive surgeries are usually the most common treatment for them.


Adenomyosis is when the glands and stroma of the lining of the uterus invade the muscle layer of the uterus. It can affect the uterus focally or globally. Only specialists are able to perform uterine sparing surgery, which we are able to do. Surgery may again help with any menstrual symptoms patients had experienced due to adenomyosis (heavy menstrual bleeding, painful periods). Only true way to treat global adeno is to remove the uterus, but this is not ideal in women desiring fertility, so we try to help as much as possible.


Endometriosis is a condition where the uterine tissue that lines the uterus grows outside the womb. We cover this topic in-depth on our endometriosis page.

Ovarian Cyst

When the ovaries fail to release an egg, it results in an ovarian cyst. This can cause bloating, pelvic pain, and pressure on that side of the body. We use ultrasounds to identify ovarian cysts.

Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids are lumps of fibrous tissue and muscle in the uterus that can cause pelvic pain. We have specific knowledge on this topic on our fibroids page.

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