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MRSC Insurance Participation and Hospital Affiliation Information

​In accordance with New York’s “Emergency Medical Services and Surprise Bills” law, Manhattan Reproductive Surgery Center (the “Center”) must provide certain information to patients including the names of all health plans in which the Center participates and all affiliated hospitals. This law is intended to provide consumer protections against “surprise” medical bills received from out-of-network physicians/facilities in order to reduce costs to patients.

Manhattan Reproductive Surgery Center participates in the following health plans: None

​Since the Center is not a participating provider with your health plan, any benefits available for your care will be provided on an out-of-network basis, which may result in additional costs to you. If we do not participate with your plan, you may request that the Center disclose in writing its fees, for which you will be responsible. Such fee disclosure is estimation only and is subject to unforeseen medical or other circumstances that may arise when the health care services are provided. To request a fee estimate, please contact Manhattan Reproductive Surgery Center at 212-818-0001.

*Manhattan Reproductive Surgery Center has a transfer agreement with Mount Sinai West Hospital we will also contact both the EMS and commercial ambulance should the need for a transfer to a hospital be required. The facility will transfer the patient in the ambulance that comes fastest.

​The following providers may be involved with your care at Manhattan Reproductive Surgery Center. You should contact the provider(s) listed below or your health plan to determine if these provider(s) participate in your plan.

Quest Diagnostics:
Enzo Labs:

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